an open protocol

for trustworthy information

The economics of media completely re-imagined for the digital age

A global system of editorial and peer review for information on the Internet

Distributed, controlled by no single entity and uncensorable by authoritarian regimes

The economics of media in the digital age completely re-imagined

A global system of editorial and peer review for information on the Internet

Distributed, controlled by no single entity and uncensorable by authoritarian regimes


Access high quality and trustworthy information on an open ownerless platform without needing a subscription or seeing ads. Show appreciation with micropayment donations and tips instead.


Receive small donations to report on the news, offer an opinion, or conduct research and have them matched by money from institutions to pre-fund your work. Harness new payment technologies to receive micropayment tips after publication. 



Writers must stake the money they raise on the writing they produce. Fact checkers and Judges who must also put money on the line rate the writer’s work post publication. Everyone’s payouts are determined by a market.

de know

An Alternative to the Current Media System

Decentralised Knowledge (DeKnow) is a drive to create an alternative to legacy media institutions. It aims to create a new type of media institution based on open internet protocols rather than private or government owned platforms. Corrupted and paywalled information cost society trillions annually by depriving people of knowledge crucial to their advancement.

The DeKnow movement aims to render all non-private information freely available to everyone but at the same time harness advancements in payment technologies to ensure writers and information providers are rewarded for their work.

A Better Incentive System

One of the foundational beliefs of the DeKnow movement is that the incentive systems that underpin journalism and scientific publication are the primary barrier to high quality information. The advertising and subscription models corrupt information output as they force those creating it to optimise for clicks and subscribers rather than accuracy. This is most evident in the ongoing replication crisis in science.

Due to the limited number of subscriptions people can sign up to, the subscription model is also a centralising force, with media platforms increasingly falling into the hands of a few companies. This is a huge risk to society.

DeKnow aims to introduce a completely new economic model where at the individual level writers are primarily incentivised to be factually and contextually accurate, and at the system level the model reverses the trend towards centralisation by incentivising a plurality of voices.

Public Infrastructure and Open Systems of Quality Control

DeKnow aims to build open public internet protocols for funding, collaborating, reviewing, performance tracking, sharing and curating information without intermediaries.

It will harness technological advances in distributed computing networks, decentralised identity protocols, democratic fundraising mechanisms such as quadratic funding and build on the promise of academic studies that employed novel prediction markets such as the Bayesian Truth Serum technique to improve information quality.

The DeKnow movement believes that with well-designed market mechanisms and anti-collusion protocols we can open up and improve upon legacy systems of information quality control.

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