Olas is an open protocol for sharing, interrogating and aggregating information.

Olas protocol will consist of a number of sub-protocols to meet its goal of being the most trusted information platform on the internet.

The platform itself will be an autonomous protocol existing on a distributed network of computers outside of any single administrator’s control to guarantee neutrality.

Olas Protocol uses well thought out and smart economic and quality control mechanisms to make high quality information available freely.

Olas provides high quality information through it’s information markets across various categories. Initially it is going to focus on Fact Reporting Market, Investigative Journalism & Academic Research Markets and Opinion Markets.

Since Olas is open, ownerless and is built on decentralized technology, it is completely independent. It is not impacted by political or profit-bias influence usually faced by news media moguls.

No. Olas Platform is completely free for users who want to read and consume information. There is an option for users to tip or donate to Journalists.

Go through our official docs for detailed information about Olas Protocol. Follow our social handles to keep up to date with latest news and development.